Education & training

Due diligence check in Belarus for a US company

Completion: 2017 - 11
Target markets: BY
Objective: Our client is a company devoted to providing educational services for children from Kindergarten up to 8th Grade. The company’s main focus is technology, and their programmes include computer programming, game design, robotics and digital arts, all delivered as part of after-school programmes. The company is just starting to explore potential for export business, and was recently contacted by a group of educators in Belarus. The client wishes to learn about the potential partner in Belarus and check if it is a properly registered and bonafide company.
Results: EasyLink in Russia utilized all publicly available sources and compiled a detailed profile of the local company, its owners and financial standing. EasyLink also screened three local competitors for the client and their ownership structure to assess the level of competition in Belarus.

UK educational provider looking for partners in Poland

Completion: 2015 - 10
Target markets: PL
Objective: The client is the longest established private training institute in N. Ireland specializing in vocational, linguistic and teacher training courses. The main target of the project was to research companies in the target market based on criteria specified and agreed with client: study-abroad agencies / intermediary organizations managing Erasmus+, TLN and other European programmes on behalf of educational institutions, NGOs, etc. (main focus should be on companies assisting vocational education facilities).
Results: EasyLink in Poland identified and approached 22 companies/organizations from across the target sectors and organized 7 face-to-face meetings during the client’s visit in Poland in October 2015.

Updating a sector analysis for the Canadian Embassy in Prague: Education

Completion: 2015 - 05
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink was commissioned to update and validate a sector analysis of Education (initially prepared in 2012) and to add some previously missing information. The main focus was on opportunities for Canadian education providers in the Czech Republic.
Results: EasyLink updated all data in the analysis part of the report. Our 35 page report provided a clear insight into the Czech education sector. The Czech Republic has been a relatively minor market for Canadian education providers. Most contacts and cooperation between the two countries take place at the tertiary education level. English is the first foreign language for the Czechs. This largely determines opportunities in student recruitment: English-speaking students represent the only significant target audience for international education providers. Major opportunities exist at the secondary and tertiary levels with emphasis being recently put on vocational training and education. Due to a lack of technically qualified labour force in recent years, areas of study enjoying the best prospects include technical studies (mechanical engineering, construction), natural sciences (biotechnology, nanotechnology), healthcare (physicians, nurses) and vocational training (welding, carpentry, joinery, bricklaying, plumbing, etc.). The recommended route to market for Canadian education providers is through local agents offering study stays abroad, through partnerships with Czech tertiary education institutions, and through recruitment of secondary level students from bilingual schools.

Identifying prospective end users for a supplier of cryogenic solutions

Completion: 2014 - 10
Target markets: CZ
Objective: U.S. supplier of cryogenic solutions for low temperature research wished to approach additional end users in the Czech Republic.
Results: EasyLink profiled the leading research and academic institutions in the Czech Republic. Many of the prospective end users were indeed institutes within the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, which is the leading non-university public research institution in the Czech Republic. The Academy has three scientific divisions: Division of Mathematics, Physics, and Earth Sciences, Division of Chemical and Life Sciences, and Division of Humanities and Social Sciences. The Academy currently manages a network of sixty research institutes and five supporting units staffed by a total of 6,400 employees, over one half of whom are university-trained researchers and Ph.D. scientists.

Another market visit of a Polish education & training provider: this time to Slovakia

Completion: 2013 - 11
Target markets: SK
Objective: After successful meetings in the Czech Republic, our client also decided to look at opportunities in Slovakia. The client is a leading provider of medium-sized training and conference centres in Poland’s seven largest cities. Each of the centres offers well-equipped training and conference rooms and a full range of additional services including catering and technical support during implementation of training courses.
Results: EasyLink prepared a meeting itinerary containing contact details and profiles of 8 companies that confirmed interest in meeting our client to discuss potential partnership.

Poland-based provider of medium-sized training and conference space seeking partners in the Czech Republic

Completion: 2013 - 06
Target markets: CZ
Objective: The client is a leading provider of medium-sized training and conference centres in Poland’s seven largest cities. Each of the centres offers well-equipped training and conference rooms and a full range of additional services including catering and technical support during implementation of training courses. The client seeks business partners in the Czech Republic engaged in training and education of employees or organising corporate events and incentives who are interested in finding new spaces outside of the Czech Republic and expanding their offer of locations for corporate events with Poland.
Results: We gathered an initial list of 21 prospects consisting of conference centres, training centres and real estate brokers and arranged 7 meetings.

Student recruitment in Russia for a major U.S. university

Completion: 2013 - 04
Target markets: RU
Objective: The client is a comprehensive global research university ranked among the top 100 in the nation. With approximately 25,000 students, it is one of America’s 15 largest private universities. The university wishes to recruit qualified Russian undergraduates seeking full-time degree programs (not exchange) in the United States. EasyLink is requested to collect information about available and effective ways to reach this market.
Results: EasyLink consultant in Russia identified major European social network groups suitable for placing ads. The consultant also listed US educational agencies working in Russia recommended for cooperation with the client. Another option EasyLink advised was participation in a sector-specific trade fair where the client might network and recruit prospective students.

U.S. university education provider seeking opportunities in Russia and Ukraine

Completion: 2013 - 03
Target markets: UA&RU
Objective: EasyLink was commissioned to approach various educational organizations in Ukraine and Russia, ranging from the ministries of education, leading technology universities to ICT companies.
Results: EasyLink approached nearly 40 organizations in both countries. In Russia, the main focus was on Moscow-based organizations. EasyLink arranged successful meetings with 10 organizations in both countries.

Seeking affiliations in the Czech Republic among management training institutions

Completion: 2011 -
Target markets: CZ
Objective: The client, a business providing leadership and management training, wanted to identify partners for prospective cooperation in the Czech Republic.
Results: We screened over 100 entities and identified 25 for further evaluation. The client short-listed five and asked Easylink to approach them for interest. Two companies responded with great interest and the client was adviced to continue direct talks with them.

U.S. provider of online language learning seeking partners in Poland

Completion: 2010 - 08
Target markets: PL
Objective: The goal of this world’s largest online language learning community with over 6 million members in more than 200 countries is to enable anyone, anywhere, to learn a new language. The company now wishes to develop partnerships in Central and Eastern Europe, starting in Poland.
Results: The consultant conducted desk research and interviews to explore the potential for this company in Poland. All market entry venues highlighted by the client were explored in order to confirm the route to market and determine the most appropriate representatives for the company. 16 prospective companies were telephoned to identify the correct point of contact, interviewed to establish their interest in further discussion with the client, sent further information as requested and called back for decisions. 7 potential partners confirmed interest in direct talks with the client.

Identifying prospective customers in the Czech Republic and Poland

Completion: 2010 - 06
Target markets: CZ&PL
Objective: Initially EasyLink was requested by the world’s leading provider of online assessment, automated essay scoring and instructional writing tools and technology to assess market potential and opportunities with prospective distribution partners in the Czech Republic.
Results: Based on our findings we recommended the client to change the route to market and approach potential buyers – international schools - directly. In fact, in establishing connections in Japan, South Africa and some of the Latin American countries the client used the strategy we proposed for the Czech market and contacted major international schools in those countries. In the Czech Republic, the consultant introduced client’s tools to 8 leading international schools. Our efforts resulted in very intense direct communication with one of the institutions. In Poland, we introduced the client to 27 schools.

Introducing a major U.S. university to US Steel Kosice

Completion: 2010 - 03
Target markets: SK&CZ
Objective: In addition to its request for being introduced to US Steel in Slovakia the client sought to identify appropriate education-related events in the Czech Republic.
Results: EasyLink’s consultant in Slovakia approached the general manager of human resources development and staffing at U.S. Steel Kosice to obtain information on their training and education programs as well as needs in this area.

U.S. university looking to increase its recruitment in the Czech Republic

Completion: 2009 - 01
Target markets: CZ
Objective: A U.S. university offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in visual, media, and performing arts requested assistance in finding partners that will promote the school in the Czech Republic and help recruit potential students to attend the institution in the future.
Results: We identified corresponding government institutions and agencies, local universities offering similar degrees, artistic secondary schools, international private schools, study abroad agencies as well as artistic clubs and groups the client should approach in its effort to expand its recruitment activities abroad.

Provider of language programs combined with sports/outdoor activities seeks a local partner

Completion: 2007 - 09
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink's task was to identify suitable agents in the Czech Republic interested in representing our U.K. client to the schools sector. The client focuses on offering a combination of English teaching with recreation to groups of teenagers. Easylink was further asked to ascertain the level of market opportunity.
Results: We identified a total of 9 relevant partners ready to discuss potential partnership opportunities. The pool of top prospects included for instance two best-known agencies for travel and language study programs abroad.

Driver development specialist targets Poland

Completion: 2007 - 01
Target markets: PL
Objective: EasyLink was commissioned to identify prospective local partners with which the client would work, the targets being companies already carrying out driver development such as a driver agency or driving training school.
Results: During the course of the project, 18 pre-selected companies were approached to introduce the client and his proposal. The consultant identified 7 entities with keen interest in the business proposition and discussing partnership terms and conditions.

Meetings scheduled for a U.K. provider of IPC training and accreditation with regard to lead-free soldering

Completion: 2006 - 12
Target markets: CZ
Objective: We were requested to set up a meeting programme in the Czech Republic with major OEMs in the electronics manufacturing sector, namely with operations managers or directors within the relevant companies. We were asked to prepare two separate market visits.
Results: The consultant identified and interviewed relevant partners to discuss their interest in training services provided by the client. Altogether 4 meetings were scheduled for the first in-market visit and 6 meetings for the second.

Partner search for a U.K. specialist in driver training and road risk management

Completion: 2006 - 08
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink’s services were enlisted by a U.K. provider of driver training/development and road risk management in order to identify suitable partners and ascertain the level of opportunity in the Czech Republic.
Results: The consultant identified and interviewed 14 providers of driving courses/drivers’ training for professionals in the city of Prague to evaluate their interest in meeting the client.

Organizing mini-trade fairs for prospects interested in studying in Australia

Completion: 2006 - 03
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Organizing mini-trade fairs for individuals interested in studying in Australia with participation of 9 leading Australian schools
Results: We organized a total of four fairs in the Czech Republic and Slovakia that were attended by a large number of language schools and study abroad agencies, selected secondary schools and universities as well as prospective students.

U.K. supplier of customer management solutions looking to expand to Russia

Completion: 2005 - 10
Target markets: RU
Objective: Our client, a supplier of innovative customer management solutions, wished to identify and interview Management Business Schools and similar institutions in Moscow in order to evaluate their interest in partnership.
Results: EasyLink interviewed managers of 15 prospective institutions to ascertain their interest in meeting the client to discuss partnership opportunities.

September 2005: EasyLink organizes an educational mission of Queensland schools

Completion: 2005 - 09
Target markets: CZ&SK
Objective: EasyLink was commissioned to fully prepare and organize an educational mission of 5 key Queensland schools led by Queensland Education and Training Export Board to the Czech Republic and Slovakia. At the time this project was assigned Czech and Slovak students constituted one of the strongest communities of foreign students in education institutions in Australia.
Results: The scope of our work, concurrently carried out in both countries, included, but was not limited to, preparation of mini-trade fairs for students of secondary schools and universities interested in studying in Australia, arrangement of meetings with language schools and agencies as well preparation of individual meeting itineraries for all mission participants (meetings taking place at the Ministry of education and Ministry of social affairs and labour of both countries as well as the leading universities). We also heavily promoted the events in the media as well as in schools and prepared press releases.

Introductory market research for an Australian educational institution

Completion: 2005 - 05
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Our client planned to expand to the Czech market with its educational modules and asked EasyLink to find out about the possibilities for accreditation of foreign courses in the Czech Republic, especially those related to Vocational Education and Training. We were asked to provide answers to very specific questions raised by the client.
Results: EasyLink’s consultant carried secondary research and interviewed experts at the Ministry of education and other institutions to solicit answers to the 19 items of interest such as level of framework development for accredited vocational training for the tourism/hospitality sector, level of demand from the industry for on the job accredited training, government support (e.g. funding) available and accessible to assist in the development of a vocational training framework for tourism and hospitality clients in the Czech Republic, and description of the application process (e.g. tender or direct proposal).

Providing multi-task support in the Czech Republic

Completion: 2005 - 02
Target markets: CZ
Objective: An Accredited Business Advisor providing a range of services to SMEs, particularly financial advice (e.g. financial plans, business plans and book-keeping), asked EasyLink to identify suitable contacts to meet during our client’s planned visit to Prague. The client also requested that we identify the correct contacts in the Czech government responsible for the Business Advisor training programme as well as the appropriate association and other parties with an influence on the decision-making process. The client also explored the possibility of finding a local partner and wanted to meet relevant and interested companies.
Results: EasyLink pre-selected 17 companies for further review and contact and scheduled 4 meetings.

Provider of a range of first class English language courses and related training seeks agents in Poland

Completion: 2005 -
Target markets: PL
Objective: EasyLink was commissioned to identify an agent to market the client’s courses in Poland.
Results: EasyLink reviewed and contacted 20 entities, of which 7 subjects expressed interest and readiness to meet the client to discuss partnership conditions and requirements.

Czech Republic: Partner search and meeting itinerary

Completion: 2004 - 03
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Australian suppliers of e-learning products requested EasyLink to identify prospective partners and schedule meetings with the top candidates.
Results: In March 2004, the clients met 5 companies with confirmed interest and readiness in becoming a local partner.

One of institutes of technology in Ireland targets the Czech Republic

Completion: 2004 - 03
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink was asked to prepare a detailed itinerary for this client’s visit to the Czech Republic in March 2004.
Results: We gathered an initial list of 17 entities consisting of student agencies, departments of foreign languages/international relations of several universities as well as private schools that might be interested in programmes provided by the client. We then proceeded with contacting their representatives over the phone and providing them with additional information on courses/services offered. We scheduled 10 meetings.

Ireland-based language institute offers services to the Czech market

Completion: 2004 - 03
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Our client provides English language courses at all levels for non-native English speakers ranging from general English to English for special purposes. They also organize work and study programmes and au pair programmes. Their existing clients include educational agents in non-English speaking countries as well as corporate clients and universities. EasyLink was asked to identify and schedule meetings with potential partners.
Results: We identified and approached various groups of prospects - student agencies, departments of foreign languages/international relations of several faculties and private schools/universities. Our research generated an initial list of approximately 22 contacts. After an initial phone call, they were provided with information on courses/services offered by the client. We then followed with another round of calls to evaluate their interest in meeting the client to discuss specific opportunities. Altogether 10 meetings were arranged for the client.

Seven educational institutions from Australia travel to the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Completion: 2004 - 03
Target markets: CZ + SK
Objective: EasyLink was asked to prepare and organize a mission of 7 leading Australian universities to the Czech Republic and Slovakia in March 2004.
Results: We worked with databases of all secondary schools and universities in both countries to select and approach all relevant schools whose students could be interested in study abroad programs offered by the Australian institutions. We invited their students to participate in mini-trade fairs we organized in Prague, Brno and Bratislava. We further arranged media advertisements and printing of promotional materials and prepared press releases.


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