Printing & packaging, paper industry market research

Checking tape prices

Completion: 2017 - 08
Target markets: PL,RU
Objective: A German client commissioned EasyLink to check 2 brands of tapes, widths and thickness specified.
Results: This short project was completed in half a day and the client was provided with reliable data on both brands.

One of the largest packaging materials suppliers in the Baltics meets FMCG producers in CZ

Completion: 2017 - 06
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink was requested to arrange face-to-face meetings with leading local producers in the selected sectors. First, EasyLink identified prospective buyers of flexible films in the Czech Republic and prepared their short profiles for client´s review. Afterwards, closely selected companies were targeted.
Results: A total of 41 companies were approached as prospective customers in the Czech Republic, the companies were approached in three waves: 23 producers of meat, bread, dairy and hygienic products, then 8 producers of pet food and peat, and last but not least 10 processors of meat and meat products. The consultant first called each of the companies to establish direct contact with purchasing managers handling flexible packaging materials. Following the initial call the managers were provided detailed information via email. Managers of several companies requested a price quote by the client. The information was provided to the client immediately as it was received, responses prepared by the client were channeled back to the companies immediately. During their three-day visit the client met with six companies, all belong to the largest producers in their respective sectors.

Partner search in Slovakia for a leading Baltic packaging material producer

Completion: 2015 - 11
Target markets: SK
Objective: The client is a Lithuanian producer of a wide range of adhesives and tapes for the packaging industry with branch offices in all Baltic States and in Russia. The company wishes to expand to the CEE starting with Slovakia. EasyLink was tasked with identification of suitable partners.
Results: EasyLink’s team in Slovakia identified and approached the total of 29 companies approved by the client from among wholesalers and importers of construction and packaging materials where tapes would be a good complementary product. EasyLink arranged meetings with 6 prospects in November 2015 and assisted the client with the associated logistics and interpretation issues.

Israeli company manufacturing labels targets Central Europe

Completion: 2015 - 04
Target markets: CZ,SK,HU
Objective: An Israeli company manufacturing labels from a wide variety of raw materials, using many different printing techniques and most advanced printing machines asked to identify 2 countries that present the best-selling opportunity for the client’s products and services and identify one or two potential local partners in each of the chosen countries.
Results: A tailored market report for each of the three target countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary) contained information about manufacturing industry in general (key sectors), import of labels, main imported brands, selected local label manufacturers, price levels etc. As part of the initial stage of the project EasyLink approached several companies involved in label distribution and inquired about market niches and overall situation in the market. In the second stage EasyLink’s consultant in the Czech Republic conducted market research into companies involved in distribution of TTR printers and labelling systems. The consultant shortlisted 30 companies in total based client’s requirements. 10 companies expressed interest in further talks with the client about potential partnership. 5 meetings were scheduled for November 2014 and 5 meetings are pre-scheduled for January 2015.

UK producer of filing stationery assessing potential in the Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania

Completion: 2015 - 02
Target markets: CZ&PL&BG&RO
Objective: The client manufactures customised printed document filing stationery for healthcare, civil service departments, schools, and professional services firms throughout UK and Ireland. EasyLink was commissioned to provide market background information on Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria such as number and type of hospitals, nature of tenders (threshold, language, and other requirements), level of digitalisation – use of paper/electronic documents in the healthcare sector, key local competitors and existence of potential distributors. The main objective was to identify best prospective markets out of the four countries explored for the next level of research.
Results: EasyLink compiled reports based on the assigned criteria in all four target countries. Since the Czech market showed biggest potential, EasyLink recommended the client to focus on the Czech Republic as the first CEE market.

An experienced UK exporter of thermal transfer ribbons eyeing the Czech Republic

Completion: 2014 - 11
Target markets: CZ
Objective: The client is a UK manufacturer of thermal transfer ribbons for barcode printing, marking and signage. The company currently exports to most EU countries, USA, Asia, and South America. EasyLink was commissioned to provide a market research report and identify and approach suitable distribution partners in the Czech Republic.
Results: : In the initial stage of the project EasyLink prepared a detailed market overview for the client. The 60-page report contained data on the size of the market, competition (local manufacturers and imported brands), potential partners, potential end-users, relevant trade associations, trade fairs and other events and sector-specific publications. In the next stage of the project EasyLink shortlisted and approached 37 companies that were all contacted by phone. 9 meetings were arranged and EasyLink’s consultant provided in-market support and accompanied the client to meetings where necessary. During the follow-up stage we contacted all the visited companies and inquired about their impression from the meeting and next steps to be taken by each party. We provided a feedback with comments from all of the prospects for evaluation by the client and helped to develop an action plan for the company to pursue in the months following the market visit.

U.S. publisher of books, magazines, patterns, and videos for DIY enthusiasts seeks partners in the Czech Republic

Completion: 2014 - 09
Target markets: CZ
Objective: The client needed to identify prospective partners.
Results: EasyLink recommended contacting 13 publishing houses in the Czech Republic; the client was provided their short profiles to immediately understand what made them suitable partners.

EasyLink assists with finding a distributor for a UK manufacturer of trigger sprayers in Poland

Completion: 2014 - 06
Target markets: PL
Objective: After a successful project in the Czech Republic, our client, a manufacturer of trigger sprayers for household cleaning, garden care, automotive, professional cleaning and pharmaceutical applications wished to appoint a potential distributor for Poland, the ideal candidate being a company already selling similar goods/packaging.
Results: EasyLink conducted market research into the Polish packaging industry and identified 36 potential partners. Their managers were approached over the phone to introduce the client and its products and assess whether they match the ideal distributor profile. In June 2014, the client travelled to the market to meet the top 11 candidates with confirmed interest in partnership. After the market visit the client rated 2 companies as very good and after exchanging emails/samples and quotes with them, they set the annual sales target in Poland for the next year at about 3.5 million pcs.

Czech Republic: UK producer of trigger sprayers eyes the cleaning products market

Completion: 2013 - 04
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Our client, a leading producer of trigger sprayers for household cleaning, garden care, automotive, professional cleaning and pharmaceutical applications wished to appoint a distributor in the Czech Republic and meet prospective partners. EasyLink was to identify, screen, approach and set up meetings with packaging and filling companies and chemical detergents manufacturers, distributors of compatible products and agents specialized in niche markets.
Results: EasyLink contacted 41 companies and set up meetings with 6 interested parties, including leading producers of detergents and some of the main players in the packaging distribution market. The client appointed their local distributor shortly after the visit.

Volvo Logistics targets prospective customers in Poland

Completion: 2012 - 07
Target markets: PL
Objective: The client, a member of the Swedish Volvo Group and its lead logistics provider was looking to expand its customer base in Europe, and contracted EasyLink to identify potential target customers in Poland. EasyLink was to compile a list of companies that have multiple production sites around the world, preferably Polish companies that have US parents, or US subsidiaries. The target list was to include manufacturers of products such as electronic components, automotive parts, aviation products, medical devices, telecoms equipment, etc. Contact was to be established with the companies to determine a good point of entry, such as Logistics Manager, or whoever is responsible for transportation of goods.
Results: Our consultant in Poland compiled a database of 18 companies potentially fulfilling Volvo Logistics’ criteria. The report included company names, websites, address, telephone numbers, entry point contact and a short overview of each company. The client was very satisfied with the report, stating that EasyLink had provided good targets for the company and selected top 7 prospective customers that would benefit the most from using Volvo Logistics solutions.

Czech Republic: UK labels manufacturer meets prospective partners

Completion: 2012 - 06
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Our client, the leading flexographic labels producer in the United Kingdom and Ireland, commissioned EasyLink to screen the Czech market for potential customers from the dairy, water and soft drinks segments, including larger drink producers as well as contract bottlers with view of a market visit in June 2012.
Results: In the course of this project, our Prague-based consultant approached a total of 28 companies to present the business opportunity and discuss potential partnership as well as the interest in meeting directly with our client. The search generated 7 positive leads, including the largest producer of mineral and spring water in the Czech Republic, and of the largest milk and dairy products producers. EasyLink arranged 4 meetings with companies available within the given time-frame during the client’s visit in June.

British producer of folded carton meets prospective Czech customers

Completion: 2012 - 06
Target markets: CZ
Objective: A retail packaging supplier with an international manufacturing footprint tasked EasyLink to investigate sales opportunities in the Czech market that could be served from their UK plant with a view of later considering local production in Poland, Czech Republic or Hungary. Target segment was to include companies within foodservice companies and outlets, such beverage industries, breweries, dairy, pet food, household goods, etc. with focus on products of mass volume production of folded carton packaging.
Results: Our Prague consultants conducted research into the food producing and foodservice companies, selecting 43 prospective partners with the largest use of folded carton packaging. The introduction of the client’s product to the selected companies generated 8 leads, including the largest producer of chilled and ready-made products, leading producers of dry blended food, a producer of dairy products and a national brewery. The client was able to meet 6 prospects during his visit in June 2012 and return with a very positive feedback due to their plan to establish a manufacturing plant in the CEE area, thus facilitating supplies to the market.

Retail packaging supplier with an international manufacturing footprint meets partners in Poland

Completion: 2012 - 04
Target markets: PL
Objective: Our client, a supplier of printed folded carton to global brands and major FMCG producers throughout Europe, wished to investigate sales opportunities in the Polish market which could first be served from their manufacturing plant in Northern Ireland, with a view of later developing local production in Poland. EasyLink’s task was to identify potential customers offering products of mass volume production (daily/weekly use) using folded carton packaging.
Results: Managers and purchasing specialists in charge of packaging at 65 companies were contacted by EasyLink consultant over phone, and additional information followed by email. Our main focus was on breweries, and producers of dairy, milk and poultry products, cereal, rice and waffles, cosmetics, drinks, pasta and electronics. The client held 4 meetings, e.g. with one of the biggest manufacturers of solid board packaging in Poland, or Grupa ¯ywiec – the second biggest beer company in Poland with over a 30% market share.

Distribution partner search project for a Korean company

Completion: 2011 - 09
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Our client delivers a wide range of products for a number of industries. The management believes they could become a competitive supplier for some of their products – labels, industrial and protection films, packaging materials, and materials for the electro-technical industry.
Results: The client held 4 meetings with interested and interesting partners during his one-day visit to Prague.

Korean supplier of liquid crystal protection films targets the Czech market

Completion: 2011 - 09
Target markets: CZ
Objective: The company sought assistance with arranging one-to-one meetings with prospective partners.
Results: Easylink identified, approached and evaluated a total of 46 companies involved in distribution of consumer electronics & accessories as well as protective foils and related products. During his one-day visit to the Czech Republic in September 2011 the client held two meetings in hotel Diplomat in Prague and then travelled to Brno to meet one of the largest distributors of electronics in the country.

U.K. supplier of biodegradable packaging meets prospective partners in Russia

Completion: 2010 - 10
Target markets: RU
Objective: EasyLink was commissioned to arrange meetings with potential partners who would like to cooperate in the distribution of a biodegradable air-cushion packaging system, and suppliers of virgin/recycled kraft paper in rolls meeting our client’s specific criteria.
Results: The client held 7 meetings during his 5-day visit to Moscow in October 2010. The scope of our work included identification of a pool of pre-qualified candidates amongst major distributors of general packaging materials, packing line equipment and packaging systems, and manufacturers of void fill products. Altogether 17 companies were contacted by telephone and subsequently received detailed company and product information by e-mail. The consultant also approached 3 paper manufacturers in the Moscow and St. Petersburg areas to assess whether they supply the type of paper our client needs; upon their recommendation the consultant contacted 6 processors that rewind paper into smaller rolls to further assess the sourcing possibility. The final report and itinerary EasyLink prepared included profiles of prospective partners as well as directions to meeting venues to help the client travel smoothly throughout the city of Moscow.

Identifying partners for a U.S. supplier of specialty paper

Completion: 2009 - 11
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Our client - recognized as the worldwide leader in research, development and manufacture of specialty latex, acrylic and other saturated base and demanding wet strength papers - wished to identify distribution opportunities in the Czech Republic.
Results: EasyLink’s consultant approached managers at a total of 12 Czech companies to evaluate their interest in representing the client. After obtaining their final decisions, we prepared detailed profiles of the qualified prospects interested in direct talks with the client.

One of the leading flexography printing houses in the Baltic region goes after new business in Poland

Completion: 2009 - 08
Target markets: PL
Objective: EasyLink was requested to carry a customer/business partner search project and schedule meetings with qualified and keen companies.
Results: Our main task was to identify companies that use self-adhesive labels and shrink sleeve labels produced by the client. Thus, EasyLink’s consultant in Poland identified and approached companies involved in production of processed food, beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), household and car chemicals, cosmetics as well as advertising agencies and producers of packaging. We eventually targeted over 50 companies from all groups. The client travelled to Poland in August 2009 to meet managers of 5 companies ready to discuss terms and conditions of sourcing the labels from the client.

Irish supplier of antistatic bags targeting the Czech market

Completion: 2009 - 07
Target markets: CZ
Objective: A major manufacturer and distributor of ESD flexible packaging products wished to explore opportunities in continental Europe, first in the Czech Republic, and requested EasyLink to assess market potential and recommend prospective buyers for direct communication.
Results: EasyLink’s consultant identified and contacted 41 potential partners - companies involved in electronics manufacturing and dedicated packaging suppliers. Our positive results indicated significant market potential existed for products offered by the client in the Czech Republic. 8 companies confirmed interest in discussing possible cooperation with the client!

Matchmaking project to identify a distribution partner

Completion: 2009 - 06
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink was contracted to identify potential distribution partners for a manufacturer of slide & cassette labelling printers used in hospitals, veterinary and industrial laboratories.
Results: EasyLink’s consultant screened the market and identified 12 prospective partners whose managers were consequently contacted to evaluate their qualification and potential for mutual co-operation with the client.

Italian producer of adhesive labels looking for partners in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Completion: 2008 - 04
Target markets: CZ&SK
Objective: Our client wished to identify and approach potential business partners among companies sourcing adhesive labels (retail chains, food/drink producers) and distributors of such labels and related equipment (shop scales).
Results: EasyLink identified and approached over 90 Czech and Slovak companies from the above-mentioned industries and presented them with a partnership opportunity as well as provided detailed information on the company and its products. 13 companies expressed interest in meeting the client. EasyLink prepared a detailed 4-day meeting itinerary including transport arrangements. EasyLink’s consultants assisted the client during his entire stay in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

U.K. producer of board trays for the food industry looking for a local partner

Completion: 2007 - 09
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink was commissioned to identify distributors of packaging products for the food manufacturing and food service sectors interested in representing the client on the Czech market.
Results: EasyLink recommended the client to meet with 5 well-qualified prospects with confirmed interest in direct talks.

Czech producer of paper accessories targeting Hilton Hotels across Europe

Completion: 2007 - 04
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Our client, already supplying Hilton Prague, wished to approach the Hilton Hotel chain in Munich, Germany and present its paper products to explore and generate sales potential. Based on the initial results, the client would decide on additional assistance.
Results: EasyLink approached the Hilton chain with substantial success, soon extending sales potential from just two hotels in Munich to the entire chain across Europe. EasyLink’s positive campaign enabled the client to submit samples and quotations to the chain’s key managers.

Identifying prospective buyers and partners for an Irish producer of self-adhesive labels

Completion: 2007 - 03
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Our task was to identify: a) key potential buyers in four selected industrial customer segments, and b) potential competitors/partners and describe their technologies, expertise and activities.
Results: EasyLink exceeded the project requirements (and client's expectations) by providing 49 end-customer profiles (each company was contacted to determine details of its use of self-adhesive labels, incl. technical requirements, annual consumption, current suppliers etc.), and further profiling 6 domestic manufacturers of adhesive labels as potential competitors/partners.

Graphic design and two-dimensional market and industry research in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary

Completion: 2006 - 12
Target markets: CZ&SK&HU
Objective: EasyLink was requested to prepare a detailed study of the graphic design and two-dimensional market and industry in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary with an aim to strengthen the market position of the client by improving market information available and identifying the main opportunities and restraints of the graphic business environment.
Results: Over 40-page single-space detailed market surveys for each of the three countries were prepared mainly based on numerous telephone and personal interviews with graphic design experts. The reports provided the client with a clear insight into the sector’s features and addressed market size estimates, description of buyers and suppliers, sales channels, technical infrastructure, quality and price comparison with other countries, market trends, investment programmes available, market access information for foreign players, national laws and regulations as well as particular opportunities. Entities interviewed in the course of the project included graphic designers, advertising companies, printing houses, professors at universities offering majors in graphic design and printing, independent market experts, industry associations and government agencies. EasyLink additionally presented notes from all interviews conducted.

U.K. corrugated packaging manufacturer targeting Lithuania

Completion: 2006 - 11
Target markets: LT
Objective: The company was exploring new markets in the Baltic States, as their historical reliance on wooden industrial packaging could make them excellent target markets. EasyLink was requested to identify keen wood fabricators already active in the export packaging sector and involved in bespoke wooden or composite packaging in industrial applications.
Results: During initial market research EasyLink’s consultant learnt that another subsidiary within our client’s group of companies has already opened a branch in Lithuania. After discussing the findings with the client, the project was stopped.

Colour change thermometry technology - British client exploring sales opportunities

Completion: 2006 - 11
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Identifying prospective partners and customers in the Czech Republic
Results: EasyLink successfully identified close to 10 companies meeting selection criteria specified by the client and at the same time interested in meeting and cooperation - based on careful evaluation of information provided to all prospective partners by EasyLink within the project.

Packaging materials and products supplier - partner search in 3 CEE countries

Completion: 2006 - 07
Target markets: CZ,HU,PL
Objective: A Czech producer of packaging products commissioned EasyLink to recommend interested prospective distribution partners in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland for direct talks.
Results: For the three countries combined, EasyLink recommended a total of 18 relevant partners ready to meet the client. The client was provided detailed profiles of all prospects that included their product offer, contact details, ownership structure as well as financial information.

U.K. supplier of video inspection and defect detection systems for the printing industry targets Ukraine

Completion: 2006 - 05
Target markets: UA
Objective: EasyLink was asked to identify sales and distribution opportunities in Ukraine and recommend qualified and keen partners.
Results: Our consultant compiled an initial qualified list of prospective partners involved in trading with equipment and consumables for the printing market, consisting of 12 companies. This list was developed by screening a large number of companies identified via search of trade fair catalogues, company websites and business directories. It is important to note that to the best knowledge and effort of the consultant, this initial phase was comprehensive and exhaustive for the Ukrainian market, where the number of companies relevant to the project is rather limited. Based on further study and telephone interviews the list was further refined - shortened to 8 real market leaders who were interviewed, provided our client’s company and product information, and then contacted again for their response regarding their interest in meeting/cooperation with the client. In addition, we contacted printing companies (as potential direct buyers) to verify route to market and level of potential. 4 companies expressed readiness in direct negotiation with the client.

Canadian exporter of industrial markers and labels calls on Czech customers

Completion: 2004 - 12
Target markets: CZ
Objective: The client contracted services of EasyLink’s consultant for a dedicated period of time to call on potential customers in the Czech Republic, determine their possible interest in their products, and arrange sales meetings where appropriate.
Results: EasyLink’s consultant worked under direct management by the client to research and target potentially relevant buyers in the Czech Republic, and arrange appointments for the client's trip to the market.

U.K.’s print inspection systems manufacturer wishing to meet potential partners

Completion: 2004 - 04
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Identify possible buyers and distributors and set up meetings at the Drupa trade fair in Germany
Results: EasyLink’s consultant in the Czech Republic identified 19 companies supplying the printing industry with flexographic machinery and equipment. The consultant then introduced the client and its products to their managers. 6 companies expressed interest in meeting the client at the trade fair.

Research of the Czech and Slovak packaging industry

Completion: 2004 - 02
Target markets: CZ + SK
Objective: A leading French packaging manufacturer requested EasyLink to map competitive landscape, market trends, consumer requirements and preferences in the packaging industry in the two countries.
Results: EasyLink developed a list of prospective customers across several key industry sectors and of competitive packaging specialist companies and conducted in-depth interviews with several dozens of key players.

Leading German packaging producer evaluating market entry strategies for the Czech Republic

Completion: 2002 - 03
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink was asked to prepare a feasibility study of investment/business climate, research potential customers and competitors and develop strategies for market entry.
Results: EasyLink developed an in-depth report describing the business environment and terms of starting and operating a company in the Czech Republic, including legal requirements, tax system, labour laws and costs etc. EasyLink also compiled an extensive database of prospective local customers in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries as the key potential buyers to be targeted by a future business unit.

Company background search

Completion: 2002 - 03
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink’s task was to obtain information on a publishing house on behalf of a book distribution company interested in including their titles into their portfolio.
Results: We gathered background information on the entity in order to address our client’s doubts about the publishing house’s legal status, business activities and ownership structure etc. The consultant researched a multitude of secondary sources and information published by government institutions (Ministry of Interior, Financial Office and Trade Register) and interviewed the publishing house’s director.

U.K. supplier of labelling systems assesses market potential in the Czech Republic

Completion: 2001 - 10
Target markets: CZ
Objective: We were asked to provide the key market information and identify potential customers in the Czech Republic amongst manufacturers of alcoholic spirits, flavoured alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic beverages and beer as well as major suppliers of glass bottles.
Results: EasyLink put together a detailed report with key information on the sectors of interest and short profiles of key prospects which also included pictures of products to show the client how they bottle and label the beverages.

Irish company seeks new suppliers in the Czech Republic

Completion: 2001 - 09
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink was commissioned to prepare a series of meetings with producers of labels.
Results: We identified and contacted close to 20 suppliers of labels and inquired into their capabilities to produce a set volume of labels and stickers. 9 meetings were arranged for the client’s three-day visit in the fall of 2001.

U.K. producer of video inspection print control systems seeking partners

Completion: 2000 - 05
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Our task was to identify prospective distribution partners and evaluate their qualification, interest and readiness in meeting the client at the Drupa fair to discuss particular business opportunities.
Results: We prepared profiles of 5 Czech companies ready to begin negotiation.


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