All projects are managed centrally and executed locally. All our consultants, across the region, strictly follow proven quality standards of methodology and reporting. EasyLink employs professionals in market-entry consultancy and business research, and specifically in partner search and qualification.

The EasyLink team consists of 8 consultants in the Prague (Czech Republic) headquarters + 1-3 in-market consultants in every other country in Central & Eastern Europe. With a network of associate partners, we also provide services in multiple countries of Western Europe.

All EasyLink consultants are fluent in English and their native (local) language, and usually also other languages. Most team members have studied and/or worked in Western Europe and/or the United States.

EasyLink’s regional network of in-market consultants offers local market intelligence, local presence, and native command of local languages.

Since its foundation in 1997, EasyLink has been owned and managed by Mr. Filip Korinek (click for CV).

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Filip Jakub Michaela Pavlina
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Marie Lucia Pavlina  
SLOVAKIA (Bratislava)
POLAND (Warsaw) POLAND (Wroclaw)
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Michal Milan Szymon Kinga
HUNGARY (Budapest)    
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Gabor Andrea Daniel Szilvia
ROMANIA (Bucharest)   BULGARIA (Sofia)  
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Rodica Mirela Nikola Ani
foto foto foto foto
Azim Nonna Alena Igor
SERBIA (Belgrade) SLOVENIA (Ljubljana) LATVIA (Riga) LITHUANIA (Vilnius)
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Nina Marko Inese Valentas